Friends, we all have our favorite places to get what we need. Here is the place where I get to introduce you to some of my best friends (places where my heart skips a beat as I find and look for the best things related to cooking, health, and wellness.)

Plexus, Plexus, Plexus. I can not say enough about all that they have to offer from vitamins, gut health, and weight loss tools. It is indeed a best friend. Not to mention all of the opportunities to save and use wonderful products.

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Thrive Market is my new favorite place to find healthy, natural productrs. Join me and save hundreds on your grocery bill every month … never pay premium prices for premium products again! (Lead the way)

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EWG – What you don’t know, could very well harm you.

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Brandless – Build your own box

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Dr. Furhman – oh my goodness, if you are not familiar with him, you must must listen to and read his books. Talking about changinge the trajectory of your health and how you feel, you will be amazed at the changes you will not only see, but there is a return of a bounce in your step, as a result of implementing what he teaches.

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Andria Beaman – Wonderful in so many ways.