Topical and Culinary Wellness & Beauty


It takes a dual approach. You have found your source for natural, complete beauty and wellness. Presentations: one simple word that expresses how I can help you be your healthiest and most beautiful best.

Hello from the Midwest Mermaid Muse/Kathleen Foland – Wellness & beauty solutions from whole plant sources. Both topical and culinary products are to be experienced for wellness and beauty inside and out! Adding more natural ingredients without synthetic chemicals to your diet can help clean up your skin and body.

The therapies I offer, botanicals I use and the style I create for you are about renewing your inner presence and outer presentation. These are the all-natural, complete remedies of Presentations Wellness & Beauty. Most of my skincare and food products contain seaweed and/or healing medicinal mushrooms which have been in use since ancient times for their nutritional benefits. These ingredients are now emergin as healthy, nutrient-packed sources for improved wellness and beauty. Seaweed is a tryuly renewable and sustainable source of nutrition. The television show, “60 Minutes” recently produced a segement on seaweed and just a few of its sustainable nutritional qualities.

Our skin is our largest organ. We need to realize the need to use more natural and few synthetic ingredients overall.

Everything I offer will remain organically-sourced and good for your skin and hair.

I also host Social Sunday Suppers in my home for holistic nutrition coaching. Each Supper, there will be at least one presenter who will share their knowledge of some aspect of wellness and beauty. Please consider this an invitation to my home to enrich and share with others your ideas, desires, and plans for better self care.

Learn more on my blog and enjoy this website.

You will learn about the healthy services and organically-sourced products I use. They come from gardens near and far so that I can provide the best ingredients that can be found. Belize is one of  my favorites as its economy produces many wholesome botanicals.

To arrange an appointment, call or text me at 816-363-7711 or send me an email to


Thank you for visiting! I hope to sea you soon.


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Organically-sourced cosmetic services

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