Kansas City Salon, Rx Day Spa & Vacation Rentals

cropped-cropped-cropped-p-with-vine-quarter-size-copy-e1386915435221.jpgVine-02-green-&-purple-400-You have found your source for natural, complete beauty and wellness. Presentations Kansas City.

Imagine peace. Imagine the sights and smells of serenity.

Enter the side door of my West 72nd Street Salon and descend the stairs to find yourself surrounded in renewing energy. You are most welcome here.

I will greet you with a warm smile and open heart. Your only job is to relax and to enjoy the sensation of care. Feel the warmth of water and touch of fingers as they massage your scalp. Sink deeply into the cushions of our massage table. Enjoy the seclusion of one to one touch as we lift you from your daily concerns.

The therapies I offer, botanicals I use and the style I create for you are about renewing your inner presence and outer presentation. These are the all-natural, complete remedies of Presentations Kansas City Rx Salon and Day Spa.

–Kathy Foland

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Salon Kansas City Rx Day Spa Vacation Rentals


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